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Top Notch Carpet Cleaning service in Melbourne by Professional Carpet Cleaners

At Wilson Cleaning Australia each room is designated to bring every carpet, rugs, and upholsteries to life and cleanliness, so look no further than Wilson Cleaning Australia to restore your carpets, rugs, and upholstery back to pristine. By means of the latest technology, green cleaning chemicals, and an extensive experience, our professionals can displace dirt, stains, Odors, and allergens, thus, keep everything clean, disinfected, and fresh.

Our carpet cleaning services include.

  • Deep Steam Cleaning: We use the hot water extraction technique which allows us to penetrate deep into the carpet fibres that are causing the dirt, dust and allergens to be embedded. It then becomes easier for us to extract these deeply embedded impurities.
  • Stain Removal: Our technicians are masters in all-classified stain removal procedures and are hence capable of successfully treating and removing tough stain likes pet stains, food spills, and ink marks to restore your carpet to its original look.
  • Odor Elimination: We employ different kinds of deodorizers and sanitizers to get rid of the undesirable Odors, such as nasty pet smells, smoke Odors, incidental food spillage, which, combined, can cause quite a smell in your house. Our solution is not to cover them up but to get rid of them by using the most efficient deodorizers and sanitizers.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Along with the carpets, we also offer upholstery cleaning services which are aimed at improving the chair and sofas fit for use. The upholstery cleaning revives and spruces your furniture and eliminates the Odor, stains and allergens emanating from the furniture which in turn extend its life span. It improves the visual presentation.

Be it once off carpet cleaning or a regular maintenance service, Wilson Cleaning Australia is exclusively drastically to give you the best cleaning results and an impeccable service level. Please do not hesitate and contact us for the detailed schedule of your appointment and proof by yourself that professionally cleaned carpets and upholstery have nothing to do with the domestic cleaning.

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What are the USPs of our Melbourne Carpet Cleaning Service?

Since we have local carpet cleaners in Melbourne, they have a hold on the climate that prevails in Melbourne throughout the year and will treat your carpets accordingly. Besides:

  • They will never conduct any generalised carpet cleaning, but will use customised cleaning depending on the type of carpet you have.
  • They would use the latest carpet cleaning tools and techniques to ensure the best results,.including eco-friendly cleaning products that pose no harm to the carpets, health, or environment. Thus, we are the most trustworthy professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne.
  • We know how urgent carpet cleaning is for you, and that’s why we would turn up at the earliest, upon being summoned. We would even offer same day service, subject to our availability.
  • All our experts are licenced, bonded, and background checked. Hence, we deliver the safest carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne.
  • Despite offering quality service, our carpet cleaning comes at an affordable rate, which ensures that our services yield 100% satisfaction.
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We move portable items for example: chairs, tables, lounge suites, and beds on casters. We don’t move wall units, or anything with breakable items in or on it, and we can’t move electronic equipment. You must clear the floor of any small items, like pot plants, books or toys. and the carpet should be recently vacuumed.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals. They use a special range of cleaning solutions. However some stains may have set, which means they could be permanent. So we can’t guarantee to remove every stain.

No. Steam cleaning will not shrink your carpets.

We guarantee to clean your carpet to Australian Standard 3733 We guarantee not to damage your carpet. We have 5 million dollars of public liability cover for your protection. But we can’t guarantee to remove every stain, because some stains may have set and are permanent.

Dust mites live on dead skin and require warm damp conditions to survive. They are often present in bedding, but not normally in carpet that is regularly vacuumed. While cleaning carpets may cause a temporary reduction in dust mites, if the conditions are suitable the mites will return. Fresh air, regular vacuuming, and removal of the food source will reduce dust mites to acceptable levels. It is widely accepted that the allergic reaction is caused by dust mite excrement.

Dry cleaning is a surface clean, which dries almost immediately. Steam cleaning is a deep clean and takes longer to dry. Steam cleaning is the more thorough clean and is the method recommended by fibre producers, the Wool Marketing Authorities and all Major Carpet Manufacturers.

We used to offer dry cleaning but found that steam cleaning gave a much better result. Now we offer steam cleaning only.

Between four and twelve hours, depending on the weather and the level of soiling.

$35.00 per standard room. A standard room is up to 14 metres square (3.5m x 4.0m).

If you have access to a tape measure, that would help but if you don’t there is a rough way to work this out to. With a tape measure, measure one side of your carpeted area or rug, and write measurements in meters down, then measure the other side of your carpeted area and write that measurement in meters down too. Once you have both measurements, multiply one by the other and you have your square meter size. A simple example is a rug that measures 3 meters across and 4 meters long is going to be 12 square meters in size. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t have a tape measure handy, you can work this out yourself. One large step for an adult is roughly one meter so pace out the measurements of your space in a similar way to how we described above and you will get this size.

We operate between the hours of 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 12pm Saturday.

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As a marketplace, Wilson Cleaning Australia offers both domestic and commercial cleaning services.

We have a large, dedicated team of  qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for homes,  schools, education facilities, childcare centers, age care, offices.

  • All Cleaners are police checked.
  • Use of the safest cleaning methods and advanced techniques 
  • Provide training for all staff.
  • All cleaners are covered by third party liability insurance.
  • Staff who adhere to strict occupational health and safety standards
  • We ensure that there is no damage to premise during cleaning process. 
  • Each cleaning task complies with an approved  checklists.
  • Reliable staff & contractors
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