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End of Lease Cleaning services

Professional End of Lease Cleaning services in Melbourne

At Wilson Cleaning Australia, we perform comprehensive end of lease cleaning or Bond Back Cleaning  in Melbourne to make your premises spotless and help you fulfil your tenancy obligations. We do so attentively, ensuring maximum cleanliness and helping you avoid hassles that might arrive before your  moving out process, ensuring that a rental property is left in top condition for the next tenant and helping the departing tenant secure their full security deposit return. This type of cleaning goes beyond the regular housekeeping tasks, addressing areas that might be overlooked during daily cleaning routines. It typically includes deep cleaning of carpets, floors, walls, windows, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures. Additionally, it involves repairing any damage the property might have sustained during the tenancy. Landlords and property management agencies often have specific checklists outlining the expected cleaning tasks and standards. Hiring professional cleaners who specialize in end of lease cleaning can be a wise investment, as they are experienced in meeting the rigorous standards required by landlords and can significantly reduce the stress associated with moving

Our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne comprehensively clean places, following their cleaning checklists. So, if you want to experience flawless results and remain stress-free, hiring us will be the right step.

Premium Bond Back Cleaning Service in Melbourne

At Wilson Cleaning Australia, we offer bond back cleaning services in Australia that are aimed at helping you get your money back.

We know that before you move out, your landlord will be inspecting the place, and if he is not satisfied, he might not give the bond money back. For this reason, our cleaners perform bond cleaning in Melbourne with the necessary planning. Further, they use state-of-the-art cleaning tools to make the place immaculate, which should impress your landlord.

Why Choose Our Bond Cleaners in Melbourne?

Choosing our bond cleaners in Melbourne will be the right choice since:

  • Our cleaners are fully police-checked.
  • Our cleaners use the safest cleaning methods.
  • Our cleaning professionals are trained.
  • Our cleaners are covered by third party insurance.
  • Our staff cleans apartments, adhering to safety standards.
  • Our cleaning contractors avoid damage during the cleaning process.
  • Our professionals clean apartments following approved checklists.
  • Our cleaning contractors are reliable.

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Since we offer comprehensive End of Lease cleaning services and have been doing so for years, you will surely get the best results if you choose us.

To book our bond cleaning service, give us a call at 1300 580 809 or send an email so that we can get back to you.

End of lease cleaning typically takes around 5 to 8 hours. But the actual time will depend on the size and condition of your property.

Yes, you can book the carpet cleaning as an extra service while opting for End of Lease Cleaning.

Never. The cost of the bond back cleaning service is fixed, and we never ask for any additional charges during or after the service.

We will clean your property attentively and ensure that you are impressed with the result. But if you are not, we will do the same again.

We accept payment via credit and debit cards, as well as net banking. We also provide receipts after payments.

Before we start the service, you will need to remove everything since it makes the cleaning process more convenient. Thus, our cleaners can complete it on time.

Since our cleaners are insured, you need not worry about damages.

About Us

As a marketplace, Wilson Cleaning Australia offers both domestic and commercial cleaning services.

We have a large, dedicated team of  qualified cleaners that primarily provide cleaning services for homes,  schools, education facilities, childcare centers, age care, offices.

  • All Cleaners are police checked.
  • Use of the safest cleaning methods and advanced techniques 
  • Provide training for all staff.
  • All cleaners are covered by third party liability insurance.
  • Staff who adhere to strict occupational health and safety standards
  • We ensure that there is no damage to premise during cleaning process. 
  • Each cleaning task complies with an approved  checklists.
  • Reliable staff & contractors
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